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Action Words & Phrases

  • In a resume, always describe the functional aspects of jobs and internships with an action phrase that begins with a past tense verb.

  • This enables the employer to think about you in terms of the skills and qualities you could contribute to their open position. It allows you to design and manage the impression that fits your goal.

  • At a loss about how to describe a position you held? The following simple system will help you get started.

    1. All jobs break down into what you did with People, with Information, or with Objects.

    2. Verbs used to describe functions within each of these categories do not usually carry over to other categories.

    3. Think of what you did in a position in terms of each category. Find the descriptive verbs that match the functions.

People: Counsel, lead, motivate, supervise, advise, consult, instruct.

Information/Data: Research, collect, analyze, collate, extrapolate, formulate.

Things/Objects: Transport, inventory, produce, organize, assemble, display, procure.


Sample Action Words and Phrases

advised assisted achieved
advocated assumed attached
analyzed administered approved
authorized advertised assembled
  • Analyzed procedures to assess their efficiency
  • Applied research data to develop proposals
  • Assessed needs of organization; implemented change

communicated controlled converted
classified coordinated collected
counseled combined consolidated
created consulted conveyed
  • Created innovative solutions to problems
  • Compiled, organized, and analyzed data
  • Conveyed a positive image to the public

demonstrated developed discovered
directed designed displayed
determined discontinued distributed
  • Delegated responsibility to staff for project completion
  • Defined parameters of problem situations
  • Designed experiments or research procedures

evaluated educated examined
encouraged expanded established
expedited estimated eliminated
formulated governed guided
  • Evaluated information and presented analyses
  • Formulated questions to clarify problems
  • Generated trust and confidence of management

illustrated initiated inventoried
improved instructed invested
increased interpreted investigated
informed introduced lectured