Career Services FAQ's

When should I prepare a resume?

Don't be surprised if you are asked to submit a resume as early as your freshman year! A resume has several uses besides job search. If you are applying for a loan, a scholarship, a summer job, or asking a faculty member for a recommendation, you may be asked to supply a copy of your resume. Stop by the Academic & Career Center and pick up a Resume Preparation Packet to assist you in composing this important document.


How can the Academic & Career Center assist me in getting a job?
The Academic & Career Center offers these resources to assist in the job search:

  • resume and cover letter preparation packets
  • interview preparation packets
  • mock interview set-ups
  • discussion of employer identification and networking
  • MonsterTrak and other internet resources


How can alumni assist with the job search process?
The use of personal contacts for career building is a more productive strategy than the use of a mass mailing. A personal link to a Wesleyan alum might help you gain a concrete sense of the realities of the workplace, learn more about varied career tracks within your discipline, develop leads for pursuing internships, and facilitate your post-graduation search. Contact the Academic & Career Center for more information.


What can I do with my major?
The Academic & Career Center offers several options for exploring career opportunities within major disciplines. First, "What Can I Do With A Major In …" information sheets can assist students in identifying career options by major. Second, the resources of a well stocked Career Library are available to students investigating career and internship choices. Students will find works covering career outcomes for most disciplines, as well as opportunities in the federal, public service and inter