WVWC Helpdesk Suggestion / Survey Box

We continually make an effort to improve the services that the Helpdesk provides the West Virginia Wesleyan College campus community. Your feedback and opinions are a valued resource for our evaluation and management.

If you want to provide a suggestion without completing the survey questions, please scroll to the bottom of the form to complete the comments box. When you are done, click the submit button. If you are submitting a survey, please complete the entire form prior to submission. Survey results are anonymous, so if you require a response to your comment, please submit your message to the Helpdesk Supervisor, Robert Burch.

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.

Survey Questions

How did you interact with the WVWC Helpdesk?
What is your role at WVWC?
Did you leave hardware with a service work order?
Please make a selection to describe your response for each statement below.
The Helpdesk provided a resolution to my problem.

The Helpdesk responded to my problem in a timely manner.

The Helpdesk representative treated me with courtesy and respect.

The Helpdesk representative was knowledgeable about the subject matter or directed me to someone who was.

Suggestions / Comments