WVWC Public Printing Policy

WVWC provides limited printing services for our students as part of our technology program. These services are available through the print queue WVWCPrint on the PrintServer, and are physically available at the Library, Helpdesk, SunnyBucks, and the Writing Center during business hours for each location.   In addition, the printers in Dunn and Fleming Halls are available Sunday – Thursday, 8:00pm – 12:00am; and Friday – Saturday, 8:00pm – 2:00am.  Information regarding how to install the print queue is available in the IT Handbook or from the Helpdesk.

Things that you should know regarding limitations, usage, and charges for public printing include:

  • Each student is allotted 500 pages per semester, for both the fall and spring semesters, and an additional 200 pages for May and 200 pages for Summer terms if enrolled. (The typical student prints well below this level.)
  • A page is defined as a single piece of paper; therefore, it does not matter how much is or is not printed on the page. (Duplex printing – printing both sides of a page - is still considered one page, as is a blank sheet that prints at the end of a document.)
  • Efficiency is rewarded, and unused quota from a previous semester will roll over to the current semester throughout the academic year, but all accounts will be reset to 500 for a new academic year at the beginning of the fall semester; therefore, there is no roll over from previous academic years.
  • When you log into the print release stations at the public printers, your current remaining page count will be shown.
  • When a quota is exhausted, the user will be unable to log into the print release station until additional pages are applied to the account.
  • Additional printing may be purchased at the Student Accounts office at the rate of 250 pages for $12.50. (This transaction is not instantaneous. You will be sent a confirmation e-mail when the increase has been applied to your print quota.)

Recommendations for printing efficiently:

  • Print duplex (double sided) – By default, this is the setting for the public printers.
  • If printing PowerPoint presentations for note taking and review, consider the option for printing Handouts at 3 slides per page.  This provides a readable slide and room for notes.
  • Always use the Print Preview feature to check for extra pages at the end of documents, or useless content from web page footers, etc.  (For example, if the relevant content on a web page is contained in the first two pages, opt to print only pages 1-2, as opposed to the entire document.
  • Margins may be adjusted to prevent “page run over”.

It is our goal to provide you the resources necessary to complete your academic endeavors, while remaining as good stewards of WVWC resources and limiting waste.   As always, we are available to assist you at the Helpdesk should the need arise, while questions regarding accounts should be directed to the Student Accounts office.

Updated January 10, 2014