Establishing a Credit-Earning Internship

  1. Meet with a member of the Academic & Career Center Staff to explore the many internship options available in all fields. Let staff direct you to valuable resources not readily accessible on the Internet.

  2. Develop an outstanding resume that will attract the eye of a potential employer. Make an appointment with the Academic & Career Center to have your rough draft critiqued or submit on-line at

  3. Contact potential employers for an interview, once a job offer is obtained you are ready to begin the process to obtain credit.

  4. Download the Application for Individualized Instruction or pick up a copy at the A & CC.

  5. Ask a member of your major department to serve as a faculty sponsor. He/she will help you develop a required set of learning objectives and evaluation criteria, and will assign the final grade.

  6. Complete the Application for Individualized Instruction in coordination with your faculty sponsor and your site supervisor.

  7. Obtain the appropriate signatures (Student, Faculty Sponsor, Field Supervisor, and School Director).

  8. Submit to the Director of Individualized Instruction for final approval two weeks before the semester in which the internship will occur.

  9. Ensure that you are registered for the appropriate number of internship hours under LCT 201 (201-01-02-03 etc.).

  10. A copy of the form will be returned to you, your faculty sponsor and the field supervisor, and the original will be filed in the Academic & Career Center.

  11. The field supervisor recommends a grade for the internship. However, the final grade is determined by the faculty sponsor. He/she considers the field supervisor's recommendation and your demonstrated success in meeting the mutually agreed upon learning objectives outlined in the Application for Individualized Instruction.