The Washington Center For Internships Washington, D.C.

The Washington Center For Internships & Academic Seminars is an organization which works with colleges and universities across the country to provide full-time, closely supervised professional immersion field experiences to college students who seek the following goals:

  • To gain exposure and practical expertise in their career field
  • To acquire a competitive advantage in their employment search
  • To refine management and leadership skills, and
  • To experience the cultural richness available in a major urban setting.

In addition to the internship, a student registers for one academic seminar related to the field of interest, and participates in a broad range of education activities and programs related to educational resources available because of the program's unique location in the seat of the federal government. Participants are considered full-time registered Wesleyan students during that semester, for which they earn fifteen credits.

Sample Wesleyan Internship Highlights 1997 - 2002

  • An International Studies major committed to a career in diplomacy spent a semester coordinating the participation of foreign heads-of-state in the NATO 50th Anniversary Gala.

  • The contribution of our intern at the Voice of America was so outstanding that, for the first time in VOA history, a student was allowed to broadcast directly to a receiving country - in this case, Korea, the intern's home. Family and friends were thrilled to hear her voice broadcasting the message of freedom from Washington, D.C., and the English major made a significant first step on her career path in political journalism.

  • A Political Science pre-law major working at the U.S. Department of State: Foreign Service Institute created briefing manuals to train ambassadorial staff assigned to Eastern Europe and Russia.

  • At America's Most Wanted, a Communication Studies major researched a story which was aired on television and used as the headline article in the magazine of that name. She was hired as a staff researcher after graduation.

  • An International Studies major assigned to the political research division of a foreign embassy was offered full-time employment at the conclusion of her placement there - the first time that the Embassy had ever offered a former intern a job.

  • A student of Biology/Chemistry is spending spring 2002 at the Environmental Protection Agency's Department of Hazardous Waste. She is studying the environmental public health implications for the New York City's air quality by-products created in attacks on the World Trade Center.


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