Ian ShouldersIan Shoulders

Admission Counselor

B.A./M.Ed., West Virginia Wesleyan, 2011/2013
Buckhannon, WV

Favorite thing about WVWC: I've always said that my favorite thing about Wesleyan is the unique opportunity students have to be involved in so many different areas of college life. Wesleyan greek life, academics, sports, service, the arts, and countless other campus areas seem to work so well with each other that it really allows students to obtain a well-rounded collegiate experience.

Any advice to prospective students:
I get a random quote about life and leadership every morning and the quote today was, "Most of us live our lives by accident - we live it as it happens. Fulfillment comes when we live our lives on purpose." My advice is to live your life on purpose; find what you're passionate about and stay true to it, even when it's difficult or tiresome. The rewards will follow.