Higher Learning Commission Self-Study Process for Institutional Re-Accreditation

Every ten years, West Virginia Wesleyan has the opportunity to undergo a long-term self-study process of the College. As a member of the North Central Association, the Higher Learning Commission accredits West Virginia Wesleyan. On November 16-18, a team of faculty and administrators from other North Central colleges and universities will visit Wesleyan to ensure that we continue to meet the difficult criteria for accreditation.

In preparation for the visit, West Virginia Wesleyan provides an extensive self-study document to the visiting team. The Self-Study report reflects where we have been, where we are now, and what challenges we will face in the future.

I invite you to read the Self-Study report to gain a sense of the many ways that West Virginia Wesleyan serves students and contributes to the region.

Dr. Pamela Balch ‘71