Recommended Courses

Typical requirements for veterinary medicine admission are very similar to medical school.  However, pre-vet students must obtain both large-and small-animal experience (via internships or volunteer work) prior to applying.  Some vet schools (e.g. Auburn) require one more specific animal science courses, which Wesleyan can provide via contract course, or the student can take at most land-grant universities during summer sessions.  West Virginia’s “contract” schools (since the state does not have an in-state vet school) are:  Auburn University, The University of Georgia, and Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine.  Typical requirements are those of the University of Georgia.

  • 6 Hours of English;
  • 14 hours of humanities or social studies;
  • 8 hours of inorganic chemistry (full year with laboratory)
  • 8 hours of organic chemistry (full year with laboratory)
  • 8 hours of physics (full year with laboratory)
  • 3 hours of biochemistry
  • 8 hours of general biology (full year with laboratory)
  • 8 hours of advanced biology courses (recommended:  comparative anatomy, microbiology, cell biology, genetics)

To learn more about Wesleyan’s pre-veterinary medicine program, contact Dr. Jeanne Sullivan, Chair of the Biology Department and Associate Professor of Biology at

The American Veterinary Medical Association website is