Department of Physics and Engineering

West Virginia Wesleyan College

Kate Turner's Medical Physics Internship

at Cleveland Clinic

Kate Turner won a fellowship from the American Association of Physicists in Medicine, a 10-week program at Cleveland Clinic, under the mentorship of Dr. Ping Xia, head of medical physics.

Medical physics involves the application of physics to medicine, including medical imaging and radiotherapy. Medical physics includes research, technical development, and clinical healthcare.

This is Kate’s second summer professional experience. The previous summer, she had shadowed medical physicist Dr. Jim Israel at United Hospital in Clarksburg.

“My Wesleyan professors knew about my interest in nuclear physics and suggested that I research the medical physics field,” Kate notes. 

“I worked on two different projects with the chief medical physicist. My first project was a study of setup errors in patients with gynecological tumors. My second project involved comparing three types of radiation therapies for prostate cancer.

“I conducted research and learned what medical physicists do in a clinical setting. I was able to network with medical physicists from all around the world. My experience helped confirm my decision for a career in medical physics. Now I can really see myself enjoying medical physics as a career.”