Intern - Sarah White

Major: Business Administration
Date: August-December 2012
Company: Upshur County Development Authority- Buckhannon, WV
Length of Internship: Fall Semester

Responsibilities: Develop and upkeep Social Media (Facebook)

What was learned: The time it actually takes to complete projects, technicalities with social media, takes longer to get real results compared to school work, creating your own goals, how to reach those goals, implement goals

How did it affect your education: I pulled things from class. Theory and application merge at some point and finally saw how the theory applies to real situations.

Do you feel more prepared: Definitely.

How will it affect your future: Gives an idea of what I want to do and insight of the real world. Experience without actually having the pressure of a first job; can learn without harming the placement of a job.

Recommendations: Great experience! Can apply what you're learning, and can help you narrow down what you do or do not want to do.