Intern - Renata Comparini

Hometown:Miami, Florida
Major: Business Management/ MBA
Date: August-December 2012
Company: WVWC/ Women's Leadership Center
Length of Internship: 5 Months

Responsibilities: I directed activities, researched for Women's Leadership, worked on logo, invited people to opening ceremony. My main priority was researching which students would be interested in the center and what they would like to learn from it. (Center will probably provide workshops/classes and help assist young women on how to become leaders.) I have worked on surveying students on how they feel about women's leadership and their perceptions of females versus males in the workplace. I had to compile the data from the survey and analyze the results by writing a report including charts. I also provided suggestions for the creation of the Center such as bringing in influential women to speak.

What was learned: I learned that I can be a leader by meeting very influential women. I had more responsibilities, had to be organized, worked in a team setting, and also had to report to someone.

How did it affect your education: It gave me a real-world experience. It was like a job; I had to be an adult. There were responsibilities that I had to make possible. Having an internship also improved my skills. I was capable of seeing what a real job will be like.

Do you feel more prepared: Yes. Definitely. 100%.

How will it affect your future: It gives me confidence that I can be successful in the future and it gave me experience. It gave me a taste of the real world; also, I think that it will help me find a job.

Recommendations: I would tell students to definitely do an internship. There is nothing negative about doing an internship because you will learn from everything. Internships are the time to make mistakes because you have someone guiding you through the process.