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Intermedia class

B.A. in Art

Graphic Design

WVWC Graphic Design students learn to design our visual culture, including a range of communication media: books, websites, magazines, posters, traffic signs, logos, etc. All are products of graphic design. People turn to graphic designers to make these products effectively communicate their ideas.

Drawing and Painting

Drawing and Painting focuses on both traditional and contemporary practices. We will explore a wide range of media, while supporting the development of the student's artistic voice. As students progress through the program, we will work to develop that vision through specific bodies of work.


Intermedia is all about art that straddles boundaries and technologies. Intermedia includes video art, installation art, and performance art in addition to a many other constantly changing approaches. Intermedia students take their work into the fourth dimension, using time to convey their ideas.

Interdisciplinary Studies

Pre-Art Therapy

Pre-Art Therapy combines the knowledge and expressive use of art media with a firm foundation in psychology. This program is designed to prepare students for entrance into a graduate art therapy program. Completion of such a program plus one year's working experience is required in order to be certified by the American Art Therapy Association.

Art Education

The Art Education concentration is one of the available professional education sequences offered by the School of Education at WVWC. It entails six required art courses and three hours of art electives.

Arts Administration (Art Track)

The Arts Administration degree is designed to prepare students for graduate study, careers in museum, gallery, theatre administration work and business in the arts. The curriculum emphasizes business and communication as well as the arts.

Minor in Art

To complete an art minor, students will need to complete ART123 - Design Fundamentals along with 12 semester hours of art electives.


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