Political Science

The primary mission for the Political Science Department is to effectively prepare Political Science majors a life of active and responsible citizenship. Political science majors graduate with an understanding of how political scientists think, gather evidence, process data, and reach tentative conclusions. Students will develop an ability to analyze the political world critically, learn effective oral and written communication skills, cultivate problem-solving skills, and be exposed to a rich variety of perspectives and ideas.

Students can major or minor in Political Science.

Department Opportunities

Wesleyan political science majors have the opportunity to complete week-long fellowships with state legislators, attend national political conventions, participate in local political campaigns, and conduct polling research. They also have the opportunity to in gauging independent study with the Prosecutors Office, local attorneys, and in the near future, with the Secretary of State's Office.


Wesleyan political science majors are encouraged to pursue internships. We have successfully placed students with a Sheriff's Department, the Prosecutor's Office, and with local Attorneys. Internships are a very good way for students to try out different careers in political science.

Wesleyan political science majors also have an opportunity to do a Washington Center Internship. This program is either one semester or one summer in length, where students get an opportunity to work in Washington, DC, and earn class credit. In addition, our majors can also apply for Judith A. Herndon Fellowship and intern for a semester at the State Legislature. There is also a one week Frasure-Singleton Internship at the State Legislature.

The Pre-Law Society

Wesleyan political science majors may join the Pre-Law Society. Our Pre-Law Society is an active part of the campus; members make two trips to law schools throughout the year, and engage in a mock trial every Spring semester. Members of the Pre-Law Society also have an opportunity to participate in the West Virginia University College of Law Summer Law Institute.

The Model United Nations Club West Virginia Wesleyan political science majors have the opportunity to join and actively participate in the Model United Nations Club. This student driven club gives students the chance to prepare and go to compete in Worldwide Model United Nations competition. Our club has participated in both Harvard National Model United Nations and the Penn State Model United Nations Conference.

Graduate Work Preparation

Wesleyan political science majors have many opportunities to prepare themselves for graduate school. See College offers preparation courses for the LSAT and the GRE, and political science majors completely Senior Seminar, and intensive writing course designed to prepare students for grad school.

After Graduation

After graduation, Wesleyan political science majors pursue a number of careers.many graduates seek employment in law enforcement at the state or federal level; others pursue graduate degrees in political science; and, of course, many pursue degrees in law. Many of our courses are designed not only to communicate academic information, but to give students skills that may be emphasized on a resume.