West Virginia Wesleyan College

Department of Physics and Engineering


Eleven Students Win 2011 NASA Fellowships


††††† Eleven Physics and Engineering students from West Virginia Wesleyan were awarded NASA Fellowships for the 2011 academic year. Funding is provided by the West Virginia Space Grant Consortium.

††††† The announcement was made by Dr. Joseph Wiest, Wesleyan academic representative to the West Virginia Space Grant Consortium.

†††† NASA Scholars are selected based on


their academic record and their commitment to a discipline of interest to NASA. ††††††††††††††

††††† Scholars are paid a stipend to perform a research project during the academic year. They also have the opportunity to apply for NASA summer research fellowships and internships at NASA facilities such as the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.


IMG_3209 (3)

NASA Fellowship winnersóRow 1: Dr. Bert Popson, Emily Biggs, Jazmyne Claggett, Amy Hein, Miranda Lincicome, Dr. Joseph Wiest. Row 2: Will George, Mark Mattis, Alexander Biggs, Colby Stanley, Matt Spicer, Josh Carter, Matt Stadelman