West Virginia Wesleyan College

Department of Physics and Engineering

Faculty Visits NASA-Langley


     May 18, 2012—Our Physics faculty traveled to NASA-Langley in Hampton, Va. to create an aerospace summer student internship program. The visit was hosted by Chris Kuhl (1993), an engineer at NASA-Langley. He led the team that designed and built the heatshield for the Mars Rover Curiosity vehicle that is scheduled to land in August, 2102.


     We learned about the Game Changing Development Program, which invests in novel ideas that have the potential to revolutionize space travel. We visited the Flight Hardware Testing Facility, where the heatshield of the Mars Rover was assembled. We also visited the National Transonic Facility, which houses the Mach 1.2 wind tunnel that tested the Space Shuttle, the B2 bomber, and the F18 Hornet.

Chris Kuhl, Dr. Popson, Dr. Brennan, Dr. DeLaney, Dr. Wiest, and Dr. Stevens