Facts & Figures

West Virginia Wesleyan College has long been recognized for its exceptional academic programs, particularly in the sciences.  The Chemistry Department has strived to meet the needs of its students by providing the most rigorous academic curriculum and strongest undergraduate research program of any private college in the state of West Virginia.  Students completing a Wesleyan chemistry major have not only demonstrated knowledge in the discipline, but they have gained essential skills in problem solving, scientific experimentation, safe laboratory practice, chemical literature interpretation and collaboration. The chemistry program has done an outstanding job preparing students for graduate and professional careers.  Graduates have gone on to pursue advanced degrees in science, engineering, pharmacy, medicine, dentistry, and optometry.  Others have obtained direct employment in chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Below are some facts and figures regarding the Wesleyan Chemistry Department.

  • Number of current declared undergraduate chemistry majors (2010): 63 (28 B.S. & 35 B.A.)
  • Number of chemistry graduates (2003-2011):  108
  • Number attending graduate school in science (2004-2011):  22
  • Number of graduates attending pharmacy school (2004-2011):  15
  • Number of graduates attending medical school (2004-2011): 15
  • Number of graduates attending heath-related or professional programs (2004-2010):  9
  • Number of graduates in chemistry education (2004-2011):  4
  • Number of graduates working in chemistry (2004-2011):  5
  • Number of graduates in unknown or other endeavors (2004-2011):  38
  • Total grants obtained by chemistry department faculty (2003-2011):  $577,829
  • Total grants obtained by chemistry department faculty for major equipment (2003-2011): $330,700
  • Number of graduates conducting research in chemistry department (2004-2011):  50
  • Number of current undergraduates conducting research in chemistry department (2011):  7
  • Number of students conducting off-campus summer research (2003-2011): 12
  • Number of research presentations at science meetings by chemistry department (2004-2011): 42


Note:  Some of the reported information is based on estimates and is subject to revision.  Last updated:  8/11/2011