Chemical Hygiene Officer

The completion of the CHO.BS major will signify that a student has completed an integrated, rigorous program which includes introductory, foundational and in-depth course work, both in chemistry and the chemical hygiene field. Our major emphasizes the laboratory experience so that students become effective chemists, and the course work will help them to develop professional skills needed to be a Chemical Hygiene Officer. Experiential learning and CHO preparation courses will assist students in the transition from undergraduate studies to employment or professional work.

“To respond to growing concern and debate over the supply and demand for occupational safety and health professionals in the United States, NIOSH commissioned a National Survey of the Occupational Safety and Health Workforce, released in October, 2011. The assessment found that based on current trends, future national demand for occupational safety and health (OSH) services will significantly outstrip the number of professionals with the necessary training, education, and experience to provide such services. The need for an adequate supply of trained professionals is particularly great as we anticipate that growing numbers of older professionals will retire over the next decade. As new technologies continue to enter the workplace, occupational safety and health professionals will require specialized skills and knowledge to meet the OSH needs of workers in new work environments.” (NIOSH)